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Cooling System Service 


Your engine’s moving parts create some serious friction as you drive. And serious friction generatesCooling serious heat. Your car’s cooling system pumps coolant (a mix of water and antifreeze) through the engine chambers to absorb excess heat. And your radiator removes that excess heat, so that the coolant can keep circulating. This process keeps temperatures at safe levels, and it protects your engine from damage. A well-maintained cooling system is key to keeping your car running newer, stronger and longer.

The Solution

Wynn's Cooling System Flush Service utilizes specially designed equipment that connects to your vehicle's cooling system, and when combined with Wynn's proprietary cooling system chemicals, safely power flushes out the used coolant and contaminants. Fresh coolant is then pumped in along with proprietary conditioners that help maintain your cooling system and help it to perform as intended by the vehicle manufacturer.

Treat your vehicle’s cooling system right with a Wynn’s® Cooling System Flush Service.